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Real IROC Info

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Real IROC Info

Post  Simcik on Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:09 am

IROC started in 1972, though the first race was not held until 1974. It was designed to be a test of driver skill, rather than tuning or manufacturer superiority. A limited number of drivers were invited to participate in the 4-race seasons. The events were a combination of oval a road course races at first, were held exclusively on ovals for a while during the 90s and 2000s, and then held on both oval and road courses again after that.

Due to a lack of sponsorship, IROC disbanded in 2007.

During it's 30 seasons (There was no series in 81, 82, or 83.), IROC featured several cars, starting with the Porsche RSR, then switching to the Chevy Camaro, which was used the most of any car. IROC then switched to the Dodge Daytona - not the winged car, rather the 4-cylinder, sometimes turbo-powered , FWD car (in stock form, anyway). An odd choice, perhaps? After the Daytona production run ended, IROC switched to the Dodge Avenger (Modeled in our series by the Dodge Stealth.) And concluding with the Pontiac Trans-Am.

For most of it's history True Value was the main sponsor, with Crown Royal taking over later on.

Cars were built to be identical, going as far as being assembled by the same team of mechanics. Chassis were built to resemble a NASCAR tube-chassis, with accomodations for IROC's rules and requirements. Like a 33-gallon fuel cell, designed to let the cars drive 100 miles (the length of each race) without a pit stop. Fiberglass car shells are modeled and tested in the shop, windtunnel, and on the track. When they are finalized, more IROC cars can be made.

The cars are essentially interchangable. Bodies can be swapped from one car to another if needed. Final setup tweaks are made after testing by experience drivers. They are setup not for speed, but for comfort, stability, and consistency.

Various engines were used throughout the series, but most produced 450-500hp and 400-450tqs. They were identical to each other for the season, but did change from year-to-year in some cases.

The cars are setup to be neutral, and become tighter as the race goes on, though some drivers may disagree with this. The Stealth in it's "sport" built setup, is a fairly accurate model of this. It produces about 450 hp and torques, and is very neutral. Some drivers may find this "loose" depending on their driving style, while other may find it to be tight.

Part of the challenge of the real series, is that the drivers have to adjust to this neutral setup. The car isn't tweaked to suit their driving style, rather, they have to adjust their style to win.

That is definitely the case in our series.

Here are some links if you'd like to learn more:

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