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The Real GTS Cars

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The Real GTS Cars

Post  StalkerStang on Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:57 am

From Car Facts

Grand Touring Sport (GTS): Cars eligible in GTS are prepared to a level much closer to that of a stock vehicle. Additionally, many FIA GT4 class cars are eligible as well as cars built to the 2008/2009-spec Touring Car regulations until the end of the 2011 season.

GTS: Body panels are generally stock. Aftermarket wings are permitted.

Chassis Modifications: Interior may be removed except dashboard. Miscellaneous unused mounting brackets may be removed. Chassis seams may be welded. Doors must be capable of being opened from inside and outside. Driver's seat may be moved rearward as long as the seat back at the driver"s shoulders does not pass the vertical plane of the rear seat shelf. Windshield wipers may be removed, but an operational motor must remain in place.

Safety Modifications
A full rollcage must be used. The rollcages typically have eight main attachment points within the cockpit/trunk. The A-pillar, B-pillar, and roof may be stitch welded to the rollcage. Fuel cells are required, unless stock fuel tank is located between frame rails and the axles.

The driver’s safety equipment includes a racing seat, six or seven-point harness, full-face helmet, head/neck restraint, window net, right-side head restraint net, side impact protection, driver leg support system, multi-layer suit, fire resistant shoes, gloves and underwear and a three-zone fire system.

Engine Modifications
Engines may be blueprinted and balanced. Full-prep engines may replace reciprocating internals. Custom intake manifolds may be allowed if deemed necessary. Engine management systems are free. Ignition system components may be replaced. Must maintain an operational on-board starter.

GTS: Noise limit is 110 dBa. Only electronic driver aids installed from the factory are permitted.

Drivetrain Modifications
Transmission and differential coolers may be added. Limited-slip differentials are permitted.

Suspension Modifications
The OEM-type of suspension must be retained (i.e. McPherson Strut, double A-arm, etc.). Alternate control arms may be submitted for approval. Shocks and springs are free, but must remain in stock location. Anti-sway bars are free. Bushings are free. Steering geometry may be modified to correct bump steer.

Brake System Modifications
GTS: Brake pads, fluid, proportioning valves and lines are unrestricted. ABS may be removed or deactivated. Some vehicles may be permitted aftermarket calipers or rotors.

Wheel offset is free, provided the approved bodywork covers the portion of the tire that contacts the track.
GTS: Wheel diameters range from 17" to 19", widths from 8" to 11".

Tires are the Pirelli P Zero slick and rain tire, in widths ranging from 245mm to

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