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Forza 4 Road Racing Rolex Sports Car Series

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Forza 4 Road Racing Rolex Sports Car Series

Post  TuxTshirt on Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:32 pm

This series was created to run similar to the GT class of Grand-Am Rolex. You will notice some eligible builds are actually in the real series. Others I've added because I believe they belong with this group. All of these cars are modern sports cars. In testing, with and without other drivers, I have found these builds to be competitive with each other, while maintaining their own identity and personality.

My aim in this series is to have competitive, close racing, while being respectful of other drivers. Our racing should resemble professional racing. Having said that, have fun! I want to race like this because I believe it's a blast. It's also challenging which, I think, adds to the fun factor.

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