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Post  Avanti 63r1025 on Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:40 am

lowrider, was this the series about which you were referring?

If so, Your Face 8626 selected the 2010 Mosler in lieu of Daytona prototypes; since Forza Motorsport doesn't have Daytona prototypes*. Meh, whatever. I suppose it's true the car is a Mosler chassis with a Chevrolet engine, for that matter the Ultima GTR is an Ultima chassis with a Chevrolet engine.

Here's where engine building would be sweet; also like Smus has been thinking with open wheel cars and Ceet has brought up in drag rails. *Turn 10 could render Riley & Scott, Lola, Dallara, Coyote, Crawford, and any other chassis manufacturer and model the rolling chassis. Then through an engine building feature we could install assorted engines from BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Porsche, Infinity, et al. While we wouldn't have an official blessing from Grand-Am we would have the de facto means necessary to build and race the cars. We wouldn't have the newest cars like the Corvette DP though we could recreate the G-A series up through 2011.

Approaching the manufacturers individually has to be a loophole to adding these chassis without upsetting the American Le Mans Series … too much. Series are just that, they are the "folder" in which everything comes together; they are only the assembling group. Chassis makers make chassis, engine builders build engines. Teams buy (an) engine(s) and chassis (w/ other parts). Put everything together and you have a series. If any of those components are missing, you don't have a series, you have a bunch o' parts.

My vote is to exclude the official Grand-Am "folder" and actively pursue everything short of that "folder." If Turn 10 officially paired with Grand-Am, I'd suggest the opposite; talk to Pratt & Miller to add the C6-R. Talk to privateers like Robertson Racing to model their Ford GT and Lou Giglotti to model his race Jaguar, et al. Yes, A.L.M.S. and Grand-Am hate one another but when it comes to the diversity of us (the gamers / the race fans) those in charge of content should do everything in their power to please as many customers as possible.
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Re: Rolex Series

Post  sbclowrider on Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:16 pm

Yea that's the one

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