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AI-Class Build Requirements

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AI-Class Build Requirements

Post  Avanti 63r1025 on Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:24 am

All builds must be submitted for a technical inspection to the Race Steward (Avanti 63r1025) upon completion. Any build not having gone through the tech inspection will be deemed ineligible to race.

Builds are due to the Race Steward by 9PM EST, on the Monday preceeding any event, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Build alterations are allowed, but altered builds must go through another technical inspection, and must be submitted by the deadline to be eligible.

Changes to aerodynamic components, exterior body panels, or rims do not require a second technical inspection, unless they alter the vehicle's weight.

  • All AI-class builds must include a roll cage; in FM4, that means "Race Chassis."

  • AI-class builds are limited to 275/XXR18 wheels and tires with a "Sport" rubber compound. To be clear, 275mm width is the maximum allowed width for the tires on AI cars, and the largest rim you can use is 18" in diameter. (An exception will be made to allow newer cars with oversized wheels to compete, as FM4 does not allow for rim down-sizing.) No race slicks or drag slicks are allowed
    Adjustable aerodynamic components are allowed, and recommended.

  • "Race Weight Reduction" is preferred and highly recommended for all builds.

  • "Race Transmissions" are not allowed, but all other powertrain upgrades are.

  • "Race Brakes" are not allowed, but all other suspension upgrades are allowed.

  • "Race Oil and Cooling" is not allowed, nor is the addition of forced induction. (Factory-equipped F.I. is allowed.) All other engine upgrades are allowed.

Please note these excerpts from the real American Iron rule book, and their exceptions:

  • AI cars are limited to a weight-to-horsepower ratio of 9.5:1 [lbs/hp], and a weight-to-torque ratio of 9.0:1 [lbs/ft-lb]. Both must be adhered to concurrently, so just because your car has a power to weight ratio of 9.55:1, that does not mean you can have torque to weight ratio of 8.9:1.

  • The minimum weight for an 8-cylinder (or larger) engined vehicle is 2700 pounds. For a 4- or 6-cylinder engined vehicle, the minimum weight is 2400 pounds.

  • The minimum ride height is 5".

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