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PWC Rounds 12 & 13 - Sunset Peninsula

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PWC Rounds 12 & 13 - Sunset Peninsula

Post  Simcik on Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:21 pm

What a night in the GTS lobby!

The race started off alright, and gave me a good opportunity for some beauty shots for Team SRT:

Sadly, it went downhill from there...

Lap 4:

Squid is leading Simcik, Pablo, and Dirty into the high-speed S's when he get's a little loose and hits the wall on the left. The impact sends him careening sideways into the wall on the right, which sends him back into traffic.

See the VIDEO(!) here:PWC GTS, Round 13, Sunset Peninsula, Lap 4

Lap ~7:

Dirty, who narrowly avoided Squid earlier, takes his 4th roll of the night in spectacular fashion.

Lap 11:

Simcik gets a little too friendly with a curb in the chicane. The grapes' expression is a priceless bit of irony.

See the VIDEO(!) and hear the scraping here: PWC, GTS, Round 13, Sunset Peninsula, Lap 11

Technically, that's all from Round 13.

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