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GT and GTS Rounds 7 and 8 Laguna Seca

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GT and GTS Rounds 7 and 8 Laguna Seca

Post  StalkerStang on Mon May 26, 2014 3:56 am

The Ford GT drivers brought the big guns to Sebring, Hiredgun ran two strong races, finishing with two podiums, while Arguello struggled in the first race with damage, only to take the pole and the win in the follow up event. With the GT field running close laps times, the field bunched up and many cars limped to the finish line with damage from close quarters contact. Moesavy's Cadillac CTS-V had race one wrapped up, only to have electrical issues, ending his bid for victory, but the Cadillac crew found the problem and pushed the #20 to a podium finish in round 6. GT points leader, Sainted, benefited to score the win in race one, with Dr PiiHB chasing in the Hawk Nissan GT-R. Nice debut for the Blackdog Corvette GT, driven by LSA, finishing 4th in both race events & the #21 Hawk Audi R8 claims 5th in both rounds.

The #88 Chevrolet Camaro SS of Wolfpack, continues to run consistently in the top of the GTS class. This week at Sebring was no different, scoring two 2nd place finishes and broadening his lead in the GTS driver's championship. Squid's #4 Dodge Challenger claimed it's first victory of the season, with Pablo rounding out the podium. Race two saw another first timer, Stalker pushed his Ford Mustang Boss 302 to the finish line ahead of Wolfpack and Squid. The Mitsubishi Evo's, JP and Blakey, where hit hard with a restrictor plate adjustment before race time, this proved costly, as the two only managed to linger in the back of the pack for most of the evening. The Evil Evo's plan to get back on track next week @ Laguna Seca and their fans are looking to make the journey west to route them on. DirtyDawg finishes 4th and JP 5th in round 5, while Pablo and R3tro round out the night cap in 4th and 5th respectfully.

Five different race winners in GTS and four in GT only proves how close the competition is this season, and Laguna will be no different. The talented drivers should do well here and the impatient will end up behind pit wall. Rounds 7 & 8 of the 2014 PWC GT/GTS season will truly be a battle on one of the World's most famous circuits.

Coming live from sunny California, the F4RR Laguna Seca GP is next!


DATE:Monday, May 26th
Laguna Seca
(2) Sprint Races 16-Laps
ROUND:GT/GTS - Rounds 7 & 8

Race Weekend Schedule:
*Practice Session - Friday 23rd / 8:00pm EDT (GT/GTS) (TC/TCB)
*Practice Session - Saturday 24th / TBD (GT/GTS) (TC/TCB)
*Drivers Meeting - Monday 26th / 7:55pm EDT (Mandatory GT/GTS)
*Qualifying - Monday 26th / 8:15pm EDT (GT/GTS) 10-Min Session
*Race 1 - Monday 26th / 8:30pm EDT (GT/GTS) 28-Laps
*Race 2 - Monday 26th / 9:00pm EDT (GT/GTS) 28-Laps

Racing Note:
There are many tracks in the world, but there’s only one Corkscrew, a steep downhill S-curve that drops five and a half stories in just 450 feet. The challenging sequence of turns pushes cars to the limit, it has been transfixing and delighting drivers and fans alike since 1957. Several features on the course are named for famous racers, including the Andretti Hairpin (Turn 2), the Rahal Straight (between Turns 6 and 7), and Rainey Curve (Turn 9). With short straights and lots of elevation change, Laguna Seca favors a tune that emphasizes sharp acceleration and good braking behavior.

Schedule Note:
Practice schedule & session times subject to change, dependent upon driver availability.

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