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GT and GTS Rounds 1 and 2 Motegi East

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GT and GTS Rounds 1 and 2 Motegi East

Post  StalkerStang on Mon May 26, 2014 3:51 am


The 2014 season of the Pirelli World Challenge, brought to you by NSA & F4RR, will begin at Motegi on the East Circuit. The GT and GTS classes are shaping up to be very competitive, with a great crop of drivers to keep an eye on.
In GT, BulinWall5, in the Volvo, showed he is a force in the all-wheel drive monster, putting down record lap times in practice sessions. The Cadillac's of Moesavy and Roscoe have been working overtime for the start of the season and surprise entry, Dr PiiHB in his Hawk Nissan GT-R, should be in the running for a podium.
The winner of the drivers championship in the Superstars Series, Wolfpack, will return in the Chevy Camaro for a shot at the PWC GTS title. Squid is looking to defend his PWC GTS trophy in the TPN/Blackforest Charger, while archival, Stalker driving the Roush Mustang, may have a say so in the GTS championship standings.
Stage is set, the drivers are ready and the 2014 season of the Pirelli World Challenge is about to begin. Pull those straps tight and change your batteries, this is going to be a wild ride.


DATE:Monday, May 5th
Motegi East
(2) Sprint Races 17-Laps
ROUND:GT/GTS - Rounds 1 & 2

Race Weekend Schedule:
*Practice Session - Friday 2nd / 8:00pm EDT (GT/GTS) (TC/TCB)
*Practice Session - Saturday 3rd / 8:00pm EDT (GT/GTS) (TC/TCB)
*Drivers Meeting - Monday 5th / 8:00pm EDT (Mandatory GT/GTS)
*Qualifying - Monday 5th / 8:15pm EDT (GT/GTS) 10-Min Session
*Race 1 - Monday 5th / 8:30pm EDT (GT/GTS) 17-Laps
*Race 2 - Monday 5th / 9:00pm EDT (GT/GTS) 17-Laps

(If more than 15 drivers are available to race, the classes will run in separate lobbies)
(Drivers not making the qualifying session, will start race 1 at the back of the grid)


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