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Cautions, Restarts & Red Flag

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Cautions, Restarts & Red Flag

Post  StalkerStang on Fri Apr 11, 2014 5:17 pm

***This section to be revised and/or updated***

In the event of a wreck a caution will be called out. When a caution is called the leader will assume a 65 mph speed and every position after will assume the same speed behind the leader. Racers in the back of the pack may continue at race speed to catch up to the pack, but there will bo NO PASSING under a caution.

Not every situation requires a caution.

Requires Caution:
-Multiple car collisions (3 or more)
-Severe 2 car collisions where cars are immobile or nearly immobile
-Car has flipped or rolled
-Track obstruction due to immobile or nearly immobile car(s)

Does Not Require Caution
-Single car incident that does not end in a roll or flip
-Cars going off track that do not end in collision
-Spin out that does not end in collision

When affected cars are able to enter the pits to fix damage and return to the pack, the race will restart on the start/finish line. Cars returning to the pack from the pits do not assume pre-caution positions, they will assume positions in the order they leave the pits behind the rest of the pack. The leader will announce the green as he approaches the start/finish line.

It will be done to the best of our abilities to avoid restarting a race. But sometimes it just can't be avoided. In the situation that a wreck occurs involving 3 or more vehicles, a restart may be called. If there is severe lag that causes a 3 or more vehicle wreck, a restart may be called.

There may be other situations that warrant a restart, but there will be a maximum of 3 restarts. Once we restart the race for the third time, thats it.

Red Flag
In the most extreme situation, if a wreck occurs taking out 50% or more of the field and a restart cannot be called, a red flag may be called. All drivers are to pull off to the side of the track where they currently are and come to a stop. There will be no passing durring this time. When the red flag is cleared, the leader will assume caution speed of 65 mph and allow the rest of the pack to form up. The race will then follow caution restart procedure.


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