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AI vs. AIX

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AI vs. AIX

Post  Simcik on Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:00 pm

The American Iron Racing Series is composed of two sub-classes. American Iron (AI), and American Iron Extreme (AIX).

The main difference in the two are the build restirctions placed on the cars. AI cars are limited to lower amounts of power, and higher amounts of weight. Also, many "Race" designated upgrades are off-limits. AIX-class races have limits, too, but they are far less restrictive.

For racers who have not participated in a series like this before, the AI class may be the best choice, as the cars tend to be more forgiving.

Either way, racing will be close, and driver skill and car control are must-haves. AIX racers typically have more experience and are mroe able to control the higher-powered cars at faster speeds.

Also, consistency plays a large role in being successful in American Iron races, and AIX racers especially will tell you that even one little mistake can cost them the race.

From a real-world perspective, AI-class races tend to be more of what you would expect to do if you were and average Joe. The cars have "bolt-on" parts and upgrades, and mostly street-legal, and could theorhetically be driven to and from the track. A much more attainable feat for most sim racers than the more pure-racecars found in AIX-class races.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours, and it's all about fun. So take a look at the available cars and restriction for each class, and make a decision based on what makes you more happy as a driver.


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