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The B-A Race Schedule

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The B-A Race Schedule

Post  Avanti 63r1025 on Tue Jan 07, 2014 6:07 am

Point structure
1st = 100
2nd = 97
3rd = 95
4th = 93
5th = 92
6th = 91
7th = 90
8th = 89
9th = 88
10th = 87
… (positions increase and points decrease incrementally by one from here).

Race order

  • S: Mugello Full
  • A: Nürburgring G.P. Full
  • S: Le Mans Old
  • D: Sebring Short
  • B: Sebring Short
  • S: Catalunya G.P.
  • A: Suzuka Full
  • E: Suzuka Full
  • B: Indianapolis G.P.
  • S: Twin Ring Motegi Full
  • A: Laguna Seca
  • D: Sunset Full
  • S: Road America
  • E: Suzuka East
  • S: Sebring Full
  • A: Road Atlanta Full

Notice the two pairs. We will race multiple classes at those locations. One half of the room will select their lower class car while the other half selects their higher class car. The first race will end and we will immediately switch. Scoring will be absolute which means for half of the event you can expect to finish no better than mid-pack.
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