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So pissed!!!

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So pissed!!! Empty So pissed!!!

Post  sbclowrider on Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:26 pm

I am SO PISSED  I had the 24 hours of Le Mans DVRed. I went to watch some of it last night only to discover that my main TV Receiver ( which just so happens to be the DVR) Quit working!!!!!!  I Contacted my provider and I will be getting a new box on Friday but that will not change the fact that I lost the 24 hours of Le Mans!!!!  I pay enough for my service that I should not have to worry about this crap!  Did I miss any action?  How did the toyotas do?  How did the Vettes and Vipers do?  

Sorry about the Rant.  I just hate when this shit happens!!

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So pissed!!! Empty Re: So pissed!!!

Post  Avanti 63r1025 on Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:49 pm

I also would be pissed. Give it some time though and I'm sure the whole thing will be found online. Either on YouTube or broken down in torrent files.

To answer your questions:

The Toyotas performed fairly well. They proved to be good competition for the Audis early on though the Audis ultimately did pull away. An-den the Audis started running into trouble. During Audi's trouble time Toyota was able to catch up. Audi finished first, third, and fifth. Toyota finished second and fourth.

The Corvette and Viper teams weren't very competitive, though on the whole the Corvettes were more competitive. A Corvette finished fourth though it took misfortunes by other GTE-Pro teams to place that high. The other 'Vette finished seventh, and the two Vipers finished eighth and ninth.

More reading here:
Avanti 63r1025
Avanti 63r1025

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