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trip to Daytona film shoot.. videos coming later

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trip to Daytona film shoot.. videos coming later

Post  Josh on ze bass on Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:09 pm

Last weekend was Camping World's Rally at Daytona. Basically 2,000 honkeys come in and camp their RVs inside Daytona, with other honkey happenings going on. Came along to do a shoot for a web program that was at the Rally... luckily the one exec rep from Camping World was so bored he was DELIGHTED to let me run ON the track. So I got to run up and down turn 3 in all of its 31 degree goodnesss and it's on film! Do i have it yet? No.. no timetoedityetandmyspacebarjustbrokethisisnojoke,i'llhitya'lluplaterwhenit'sup.Razz

Josh on ze bass

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